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Meet the team at the heart of Heart to Home

When we decided to write this blog, we knew we wanted our own voices to come through every post. In Ripon, Sandra is a well-known face in the Heart to Home shop and, while Margaret isn’t there as often, she is there in spirit!

We want our blog readers and online customers to get to know us just as well as our shop customers do. After all, we are the heart of the company: you will always deal with one of us personally and we go the extra mile to make shopping with Heart to Home a lovely experience (our pink gift-wrapping has its own fan base!)

So, who are the women behind Heart to Home?

Margaret Baxter

I live deep in the Berkshire countryside with a collection of chickens and cats and a very understanding husband. For years I worked in HR and also do my bit as a school governor, but a couple of years ago I took the plunge and ditched the corporate world in order to take on a new project: indulging my passion for doing up houses. In this case, it was our own house, which we bought as a derelict cottage and have since rebuilt, extended and decorated.

And, you’ve guessed it, one thing has led to another. Filling my own house with beautiful things has made me want to do it for others. I’m Yorkshire born and bred and have known Sandra from school days. Knowing her talent for interior design, I shamelessly picked her brains for ideas for soft furnishings for my own home. Sandra has a great eye for detail and insists on things being well-made, and I have always been able to rely on her judgment. Like Sandra, I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to the quality of the everyday items I want to use in my kitchen and dining room. We found that we worked so well together that setting up Heart to Home was a simple decision to make.

Sandra Smith

My husband tells me that I’m in my prime and I’m happy to go along with that! But I will confess to having two grown boys and even two small grandchildren. How did that happen?

I worked as a secretary and bookkeeper for many years before turning my passion for curtains and soft furnishing into a business, which I have run successfully for the past 13 years. My business involved making and fitting curtains all over England and France and I have loved doing it. But last year I decided that I needed something that wasn’t as physically demanding (curtains can be extremely heavy!) though I still wanted to work with interiors and fabrics. Margaret and I have been good friends since childhood and have long known that we would make a good team. Finally, in early 2011 we took the plunge and Heart to Home was born. Our first year has been great fun, sourcing all the new products and doing the shows, opening the shop and developing the web site, and we can’t wait to get started with all the plans we have for 2012.

The rest of the team

Then there is Tilly, (Sandra’s dog) and Pickles (Margaret’s cat). Neither of them work in the shop (they say their hourly rate is far too high) and they don’t blog, either, but they have been a huge part of our own homes over the years. We know a lot of you have dogs and cats at home, and we’re sure they are just as important a part of your home’s atmosphere and look.

You can contact us both online, where you’ll find us talking about interior design and decor, trends and themes in homeware, and the lovely things we’ve discovered on our travels. Do let us know if you’d like us to blog about anything in particular. And, of course, do pop into the shop if you’re ever in Ripon. We really love meeting our customers!

Heart to Home brings you lovely things for the kitchen and dining room. Our website is here.


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