Did somebody say aprons? Heart to Home has something for everyone!

Did somebody say aprons? Heart to Home has something for everyone!

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I think it was when we were putting together our exhibitor stand for the Good Food Show (Live) this year that I realised just how many aprons we stock! (We even had to give them their own “stand within a stand”!) It wasn’t a conscious decision to stock so many different aprons but actually we’re rather proud of our selection. After all, Heart to Home is the place to find lovely things for the home, and the kitchen is the heart of any home.

Next time you need an apron – either for yourself or as a gift – take a look at our selection. When was the last time you considered buying yourself an apron? We say: go for it! It’s good fun to put on a cute, patterned apron and whip up a batch of your family’s favourite baked goods. Here are some of our favourite aprons:

Cupcakes and gingerbread range (aprons available for kids, teenagers, men and women)
cupcakes gingerbread aprons apron mum dad kids teenagers men women girls boys

Floral frilly aprons (for a bit of glamour in the kitchen!)
floral frilly aprons kitchen glamour gifts

The fleecy range, featuring the ever-popular sheep design (with aprons for all ages)
sheep fleece apron gift mum dad kids teenager boys girls men women

Chihuahua stripes (we’ve no idea why it’s called Chihuahua, either, but we still love the apron!)
stripe apron stripey designer gift fun

The Good Life design (channel your inner Barbara… or Tom!)
good life apron kitchen garden

Heart apron in duck egg blue (well, we have to love hearts here at Heart to Home, don’t we!)
apron heart cute duck egg blue kitchen designer quality

Which of our massive range of aprons is your favourite? Don’t forget, there’s free postage on all our aprons (in fact, on all our items) when you order online. And everything you buy from us – online or in our shop – comes beautifully wrapped in pink tissue paper and ribbon. We don’t care if you’re buying it for yourself! You still deserve to receive a lovely package to unwrap!

Do head over to the website (or pop into the shop) to see our full selection of aprons for yourself. And you can always touch with us on Twitter and Facebook – we’d love to see you there!

Heart to Home brings you lovely things for the kitchen and dining room. Our website is here.

Heart to Home unveils Baby Corner

Heart to Home unveil Baby Corner

Ssshhhhh…. come in quietly and don’t wake the baby! 😉 Heart to Home are delighted to reveal one of our favourite new ranges: Baby Corner!

We’ve been talking about Baby Corner! on our Twitter and Facebook pages for a while now but at last we can officially launch it to you. Please do take a look, we’re absolutely thrilled at how it’s turned out. Baby Corner! is a physical corner of our shop, and a virtual corner of our online store. It’s ideal for new Mums and Dads, Grandparents, Godparents or anyone who needs to find a special gift for a baby. We’ve selected items from lovely designers and creators of pretty but useful items such as doorstops, linen bags and soft furnishings. Just lovely for cots, nurseries and those first forays into the big wide world with baby.

Here are some of our favourite items from Baby Corner. We’d love to know which you love best. Let us know by leaving a comment or by joining us on Twitter or Facebook.

Goose doorstop
goose doorstop nursery baby free delivery

Toothfairy cushions
toothfairy cushion baby gift

Elephant quilt (and other elephant items)
elephant quilt cot baby nursery newborn free delivery

Hand-embroidered laundry bags
hand embroidered laundry bag baby nursery newborn gift free delivery

Don’t forget, we are offering free delivery on anything from our online store. This makes us unbeatable on price for the items we stock (we’ve done the research!) Everything you order online comes beautifully hand-wrapped in pink tissue paper and gold ribbon and, if you’re able to visit our shop, your purchases will be gift-wrapped for you there and then.

Do head over to the website (or pop into the shop) to have a good look at the lovely things we’ve chosen for Baby Corner. And be the first to know about all the new things we add to the range by following us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest news.

Heart to Home brings you lovely things for the kitchen and dining room. Our website is here.

Heart to Home interiors shop: at the heart of the community

Heart to Home interiors shop: at the heart of the community

If you’ve come here from our website, Twitter or Facebook, you could be forgiven for thinking that Heart to Home was purely an online presence. Whilst we certainly do have a lovely online shop, we also have a “real life” shop – and that’s where it all started. We’re on the move!

Heart to Home Yorkshire

Heart to Home the shop is currently in Ripon, North Yorkshire, but we’re going to be moving to the gorgeous town of Wetherby very shortly. We thought it was high time we wrote about how important our shop is and how much we enjoy interacting with our customers.

In Ripon, we’ve got to know our customers really well, and we hope it will be much the same in Wetherby (just on a larger scale). Heart to Home is such a lovely shop, people often describe it as walking into someone’s home and browsing through all their wonderful bits of home decor. Sandra does a great job on styling the shop and dressing the displays, and the shop’s look perfectly reflects what our customers want to achieve in their own homes. We work hard to make every item appealing, charming and beautiful. As a result, the Heart to Home shop is just like wandering into a treasure trove full of all the kitchen and dining room ideas you’ve ever dreamed up!

It’s really important to us that we form a bond with the local community. After all, isn’t that the point of having a shop in the middle of a town? To be a constant presence, somewhere people can look forward to visiting, a place where people know they can go to see, pick up and feel items which quite simply put a smile on their face? That’s what we like to think!

People do wander in to our shop just for a browse, and we’re perfectly happy with that. We like to see people take their time, pick things up, hold them, try them out for size, imagining the item in their own home. We love it when people come in every week just to see what’s new in stock. Sandra has a real gift for remembering customers and recalling what they bought last time, and she always tries to suggest something they’d like this time. It’s great to see customers buying little bits here and there, obviously building up a theme for their own home and stamping their own style on it.

The new shop in Wetherby is in a gorgeous little street, in a Georgian building with a bow window. It’s so exciting! We just can’t wait to move in and get some pictures for you. And, of course, if you live in Wetherby or ever visit the area, you’ll have to pop in! It will be beautiful: Sandra is very creative and she will turn it into something amazing.

We’re looking forward to welcoming people from this busy town, whether that’s residents, folk coming in for the races, or tourists. It’s always been important to us to have a busy shop and to be in touch with people who support us. Here’s to Wetherby!

If you can’t visit the current shop in Ripon or the new shop in Wetherby, don’t worry. You can connect with us on Facebook and Twitter now – do come and say hello!

Don’t forget, we are offering free postage on everything from our website, which makes us the most competitively-priced place online to buy the items and brands we stock.

Heart to Home brings you lovely things for the kitchen and dining room. Our website is here.