Exciting changes at Heart to Home!

Exciting changes at Heart to Home!

Apologies that it’s all been a bit quiet on the blogging front. We have been hard at work here at Heart to Home HQ working on a number of things – and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Heart to Home Logo kitchens linens gifts online
Heart to Home is rebranding

Firstly there’s our logo. Our existing logo of intertwined hearts is all well and good, but it’s just not cutting the mustard any more! We no longer feel it quite represents the quality of our products, the passion we put into our shop and website and the Heart to Home HQ brand. So, the old logo is on the way out and in its place is going to be this fantastic new design! Our design team came up with a few to choose from and we whittled them down to three and then – after some heated debates! – settled on a favourite. What do you think? We’d love your feedback.

heart to home catalogue mr pickles cat
Our first catalogue

Then there’s our first catalogue. We’re all so excited about this project. The photos have been taken, the copy has been written and the layout has been designed. We’ve even chosen the paper (who knew there were so many weights and thicknesses?) We truly believe our catalogue is going to be a gorgeous item, not just informative but a joy to hold in your hands and a pleasure to read. There are a few funny “behind the scenes” stories from the photoshoots…. most of them involving the unofficial Heart to Home mascot, Mr Pickles the cat. There are a few photos on Facebook if you’d like to pop over and look! That cat was always a diva but, with all the recent photography and social media activity, he’s getting much worse! He’s set to have an important role in the catalogue… wait and see!

Moving home…

Finally, we are moving! We told you a few months ago that we were moving our little shop from Ripley to Wetherby. Well, the contracts have been signed and the process is nearly finalised! So we’ll soon be moving into the gorgeous bay-fronted Georgian building in the middle of Wetherby, and we can’t wait to bring you lots of photos of the building, the interior, the window designs and our surroundings.

Thank you for following us on Facebook and Twitter, and for checking out the website. Do stay tuned during this exciting time for our business!

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