Happy New Year from Heart to Home

Happy new year!

2012 has been quite a year for our little business. Thank you for all your support. Here’s to 2013. ❤

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Heart to Home shop Wetherby

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Heart to Home brings you lovely things for the kitchen and dining room. Our website is here.

Finding our own sense of style

country kitchen collection

How would you define your sense of style? Heart to Home has been in the business of supplying lovely furnishings for nearly two years now and, in that time, we think we’ve found a definite style of our own. We now head off to trade shows and fairs with a clear vision of the types of stock we want to source for our shop and our lovely customers. But it wasn’t always so easy!

When we first started out, the two of us would stock a bit of this, a bit of that. We had our specialist areas, of course (we’ve always been known for table linens, aprons, napkins and tea cosies!) but we never felt completely settled on a style. Put it this way: we couldn’t have described the Heart to Home style in one sentence, had you asked us to.

Now, two years on, it’s a different story. We know what works, and what doesn’t. We are confident in our ability to source and stock the items our customers will love, and we’re proven right when items fly off the shelves as fast as we get them in. It’s a lovely feeling!

It’s also a lovely feeling to open the door of the shop and turn on the lights and see a really cohesive, “put-together” collection of items for sale. There’s not one corner of the shop (or page on the website) which we look at and think “hm, but does it really fit?” Everything we stock is most definitely Heart to Home, and our customers know what they’ll find when they visit our shop or our website. We bring you beautiful, traditional, stylish items with a country-living feel and it’s interesting (and gratifying) to see shop visitors gravitate towards our most popular items time and time again.

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It’s lovely to note that the things we like are the things you like, too! It makes it such a pleasure to help you find that perfect gift, or that lovely item for your own home. Voyages, Sophie Allport, Susie Watson… they are all wonderfully designed, beautifully made items and we’re glad you appreciate the quality as much as we do.

So, how about you? How did you develop your sense of style, and how do you shop for items and dress your home so your decor is perfectly “you”?

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Heart to Home brings you lovely things for the kitchen and dining room. Our website is here.