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Heart to Home is Now Mobile-Friendly

Heart to Home is Now Mobile-Friendly!

More Than Just a New (Heart to) Homepage

We’ve been working very hard in March to transform the old Heart to Home website so that, well, it looks very similar to the old one, but with one very important difference – we’re now mobile-friendly, or “responsive” as more technical readers may have gathered.

This means that when you visit Heart to Home on your mobile ‘phone, you’ll find that it looks very different from the desktop version of the site. For instance, instead of seeing four columns of products on the Home page, you’ll see one long column with all the same products stacked up one on top of the other.

So, there will be no more zooming in and out to read the text and no more fiddly links that are hard to tap on with your finger – the buttons and menus have all been designed to keep the same style as the version you’ll see on your computer, but they’re now much easier to tap.

Heart to Home mobile friendly websites

Heart to Home 2.0

The impetus of this latest upgrade comes from the release of Opencart 2.0, the newest version of the shopping software we use to build and maintain our site. Opencart 2.0 makes use of a technology called Bootstrap, developed by Twitter and shared for free with the world, that allows you to build one website that cleverly reorganises itself to fit the size of almost any screen.

We hope mobile ‘phone users will now find it easier to browse the lovely kitchen and dining room linens, china and pottery available in the Heart to Home collection and as always we’d love to hear what you think.


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