Spring ranges and changes from Heart to Home

Spring ranges and changes from Heart to Home

We’ve been busily adding to the Heart to Home website over recent weeks, revamping bits here and there, adding to existing ranges and putting some entirely new ranges online. We’re really excited about it all, and we’d love to give you a quick tour! Here’s what’s new:

Something for the Girls

This pretty range is full of fun items for girls of all ages! We’ve chosen a gingerbread and cupcake theme for this range and, in response to customer request, have included matching items for adults, teenagers and small children. Take a look at the range here and tell us what you like best for the ladies in your life. Or perhaps there’s something which catches your eye as a “gift to self”? Well, why not! Click here for Something for the Girls.

Something for the Boys

And for the boys, we have this new range, full of bold sailing boats and pirate prints. It’s great fun and proving to be very popular already with little – and not so little! – boys who don’t mind admitting that they like to spend time baking and creating in the kitchen. Most kitchen items, like aprons and oven gloves, do tend to be rather feminine, so we jumped at the chance to stock this range of kitchenwear with attitude! Click here for Something for the Boys.

Spring website revamp

We wanted the Heart to Home website to reflect the onset of Spring, so we’ve added some new banners and changed the font colour to something a little more vibrant. Take a look; do you like it? Our favourite new banner is the one announcing our “chickens” range (Spring chickens… do you see what we did there?) Margaret keeps lots of chickens, so this range is one close to her heart. Perhaps we’ll blog soon about the chickens, cats and dogs in our lives!

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