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There’s plenty going on behind the scenes here at Heart to Home: preparing our stand for the BBC Good Food Show, moving the Heart to Home shop full of kitchen and crockery items from Ripon to the heart of Wetherby, and putting together our very first catalogue of lovely things for the home, which is chock-full of the most beautiful interiors and homeware supplies. Don’t worry, Mr Pickles the Heart to Home cat doesn’t need to move a whisker (he lives at home with Margaret).

We thought it was the perfect time to sit down with a hot cuppa (in one of our new Susie Watson mugs, of course) and bring you a round-up of some of the most sought-after homemade house items we stock both online and on the high street.

Our doorstops are always a real hit, both at shows like Burghley Horse Trials, spring fairs and food and home shows like the BBC Good Food Show. We stock this lovely goose doorstop, who is very appealing, and this lovely hedgehog doorstop who continues to confound Margaret with his popularity.

We also stock a lot of handmade items such as crockery, mugs and jugs, in particular our ranges from Susie Watson Designs. These fly off the shelves whenever we take them to shows and are just as popular in our Heart to Home shop.

Our animal prints, patterns and designs (on linens, crockery and fine china) are always popular and we are constantly adding quality items to our Animal Farm range. Take a look: amongst the cups, mugs, jugs, crockery, napkins and linens you’ll find black labradors, terriers, owls, bees, butterflies, chickens, sheep, bumblebees, horses and cats. Something for every animal-lover out there (and we know you’re all big fans of Mr Pickles… !)

The final category we’d like to highlight is our aprons. We stock a staggering number of aprons (we know exactly how staggering, since we’ve recently had to think about moving them all to Wetherby!) in every conceivable style, look and theme. There are frilly kids aprons, cooking aprons for kids, aprons for little boys (and big boys too!), bold patterned aprons, floral aprons, frilly aprons for women, and no-nonsense serious aprons for baking, barbequeing and cooking up a storm.

This is far from an exhaustive list of everything we stock for the home, kitchen and dining room here at Heart to Home, but we hope it gives you an insight into the most popular products we stock. Although Margaret says she’ll never understand the appeal of that hedgehog doorstop! We have to disagree….

Do head over to the website (or the shop) and keep in touch with us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest news.

Heart to Home brings you lovely things for the kitchen and dining room. Our website is here.

Free postage on all Heart to Home web items!

Free postage on all Heart to Home web items!

We’ve been canvassing opinion on Twitter and Facebook and have decided to offer all our lovely supporters a treat: totally free P&P on anything ordered from our web shop! Do tell your friends. Now’s the time to click through to our website and have a look around. We’ve been hard at work putting lots of new items online in recent weeks and there are loads more to come (more than 70 new items at last count!)

You can search by popular items using the drop-down on the home page: choose from aga covers (great as gifts or for your own home), aprons (we have possibly the largest collection of aprons you’ll find!), egg cosies (quirky and cute), napkins (a household staple), oven gloves (top quality and lots to choose from), peg bags (great way to make a chore less boring!), table cloths (a lovely gift or great for brightening up the home), tea cosies (an essential element of a perfect cuppa!) and tea towels (another staple, doesn’t mean they have to be boring!)

We often get asked about our most popular items. These do change depending on the season and on stock, but there are some items which never fail to please. Some current favourites are:

Chickens! Anything with a chicken motif goes down well (we can understand why; after all, we love chickens too!) Have a look at our chicken mugs, jugs and linens here.

And sheep.

Sophie Allport strawberries and cream range. Perhaps it’s the lure of lazy Summer days, or perhaps you just love the sweet design. This crockery range is a winner.

Everybody’s favourite owl. Yes, he’s as popular as ever!

Stay tuned for a whole host of new items coming soon, including bold, vivid prints from Ragged Rose and gorgeous handmade crockery from Susie Watson. Everything you order from the Heart to Home website comes hand-wrapped (by Sandra) in our signature pink and gold tissue paper and ribbon, whether or not it’s a gift for someone else (we know how much we love receiving beautiful stuff in the post and we don’t see why you should miss out!) In the meantime, do explore our website (and tell your friends) – with free P&P on everything, there’s never been a better time!

Heart to Home brings you lovely things for the kitchen and dining room. Our website is here.

Why are chickens so special to Heart to Home?

Why are chickens so special to Heart to Home?

We’ve already introduced you to some of the team: Margaret and Sandra, who run Heart to Home both at our shop in North Yorkshire and here online. However, there are a few other key characters you should get to know! Today we’d like to introduce you to some important ladies who have in fact had quite an impact on the items we’ve chosen to stock! Yes, it’s the Heart to Home chickens.

All five of the (real life) Heart to Home chickens live with Margaret deep in the Berkshire countryside. Their crockery counterparts live at our shop, adorning Sophie Allport mugs and jugs, oven gloves, tea towels and other linens.

Daphne and Harriet are the two older girls of the gang. These middle aged ladies are still in fine shape (remind you of anyone… cough cough?) and still lay lovely eggs; so many, in fact, that Margaret sometimes struggles to get through them all! Here they are enjoying the sunshine on an early Spring afternoon.

The three newer girls are Dotty (who is grey and speckled), Hilda (a Black Rock hen, named after Hilda Ogden due to her fiesty character) and Jemima (a sweet little russet girl). Jemima is adorable but very greedy and can certainly hold her own when there’s food about!

It’s not just the chicken-themed items which are popular in our shop. Anything to do with animals always goes down well, including our many cat-shaped items. And, yes, there is a real Heart to Home cat! Here he is: his name is Pickles and he’s nearly 13. Like most cats, he chooses his mood depending on… well, we’re not sure. Sometimes he’s a bit grumpy but he’s a lovely cat really.

To round up our flock, here’s the Heart to Home dog: Sandra’s lovely and lively spaniel, Tilly. Tilly loves being outside, exploring the countryside and getting muddy, wet, brambly or all three. Luckily for her, she lives up in North Yorkshire (where you’ll find our shop), so there is endless gorgeous countryside to be sniffed and explored! Here are our current doggy-themed items!

Do you have cats, dogs or chickens? We think pets make every day better. We’d love to hear about yours!

Why are chickens so special to Heart to Home? is a post from the Heart to Home blog. Heart to Home brings you lovely things for the kitchen and dining room. Our website is here.