Happy New Year from Heart to Home

Happy new year!

2012 has been quite a year for our little business. Thank you for all your support. Here’s to 2013. ❤

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Heart to Home shop Wetherby

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Heart to Home brings you lovely things for the kitchen and dining room. Our website is here.


Finding our own sense of style

country kitchen collection

How would you define your sense of style? Heart to Home has been in the business of supplying lovely furnishings for nearly two years now and, in that time, we think we’ve found a definite style of our own. We now head off to trade shows and fairs with a clear vision of the types of stock we want to source for our shop and our lovely customers. But it wasn’t always so easy!

When we first started out, the two of us would stock a bit of this, a bit of that. We had our specialist areas, of course (we’ve always been known for table linens, aprons, napkins and tea cosies!) but we never felt completely settled on a style. Put it this way: we couldn’t have described the Heart to Home style in one sentence, had you asked us to.

Now, two years on, it’s a different story. We know what works, and what doesn’t. We are confident in our ability to source and stock the items our customers will love, and we’re proven right when items fly off the shelves as fast as we get them in. It’s a lovely feeling!

It’s also a lovely feeling to open the door of the shop and turn on the lights and see a really cohesive, “put-together” collection of items for sale. There’s not one corner of the shop (or page on the website) which we look at and think “hm, but does it really fit?” Everything we stock is most definitely Heart to Home, and our customers know what they’ll find when they visit our shop or our website. We bring you beautiful, traditional, stylish items with a country-living feel and it’s interesting (and gratifying) to see shop visitors gravitate towards our most popular items time and time again.

collectable cups mugs fine china

It’s lovely to note that the things we like are the things you like, too! It makes it such a pleasure to help you find that perfect gift, or that lovely item for your own home. Voyages, Sophie Allport, Susie Watson… they are all wonderfully designed, beautifully made items and we’re glad you appreciate the quality as much as we do.

So, how about you? How did you develop your sense of style, and how do you shop for items and dress your home so your decor is perfectly “you”?

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Heart to Home brings you lovely things for the kitchen and dining room. Our website is here.

Heart to Home opening event in Wetherby

Heart to Home interiors store opens in Wetherby with special event

Heart to Home shop wetherby

What are you up to on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th October?

That’s when our shop opens in Wetherby, and we’d love to see you there! We’ll be unveiling our fabulous ranges of (mostly) British designed kitchen and dining items, which include Susie Watson Designs, Sophie Allport, Ulster Weavers and Ragged Rose. Many are hand-made and hand-painted and all are gorgeous!

The shop will be moving to Wetherby from Ripon, where we were located close to the canal. Business has grown and we chose Wetherby as the ideal location for the new shop.

We think our style and the types of items we sell suit Wetherby shoppers and visitors perfectly. As you know, if you read the blog regularly, we spend a lot of time at shows and fairs, meeting designers and suppliers, choosing really gorgeous crockery and linens for the kitchen and dining room. We select things which we feel go together to make a really beautiful interior.

We can’t wait to open the doors of the new shop so the people of Wetherby can come and browse!

The new shop, at 1b Church Street Wetherby, will be opening with a special open-day event on the 26th and 27th October. We welcome anyone who lives in Wetherby or who is visiting at the time. It will be a good opportunity to have a look around the shop and browse our ranges, whilst enjoying a glass of wine and some nibbles! From our point of view, it will be a lovely chance to meet local shoppers. We strongly believe in creating links with the community and getting to know the people who come into our shop. That’s what we did in Ripon and it’s what we’d love to do in Wetherby.

Join us at the opening of Heart to Home at 1b Church Street, Wetherby on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th October 2012.

Do head over to the website and keep in touch with us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest news.

Heart to Home brings you lovely things for the kitchen and dining room. Our website is here.

Collectable items for the kitchen and dining room

Collectable items for the kitchen and dining room

Are you a collector? Chances are, if you’re reading our blog, you have a penchant for pretty things and love to collect them for your own home. It’s OK, we won’t tell anyone. You’re secret’s safe with us 🙂

Creating collections of beautiful items is one of the things we love about running a shop like Heart to Home. Our shop is like one great big gorgeous kitchen, stacked high with the most gorgeous things imaginable: hand-painted crockery, limited edition linens and delicate gifts. It’s no wonder that many of our customers return to us again and again to add to their own collections.

sophie allport free postage collectable

Sophie Allport and Susie Watson collectables

Amongst our most collectable items are those from Sophie Allport (fine china with instantly recognisable designs and patterns) and Susie Watson (chunky, hand-painted pottery which is beautifully balanced and feels “just right”.) We find that these are the items which customers buy slowly, as single items or pairs, over a period of years, because they are building their own collection at home and creating the look they’ve always wanted. And we can understand that!

susie watson free postage collectable kitchen crockery

What about you? Do you collect anything? I’ve collected Halcyon Days ceramic boxes for years now, and I think I have between 50 and 60. People buy me them as gifts now (and my decision to collect them has been a saving grace for my husband!) I also love collecting antique silver salt pots.

If you’re interested in starting a collection of fine linens, limited edition items or lovely crockery, why not start with our ready-made bundles of items? They’ve been created with you in mind: matching sets of items including oven gloves, tea towels, aprons and tablelinen. And, to get you started, we’ve made sure each bundle carries a hefty discount! Enjoy building your own collection. It’s something which will become uniquely you!

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Heart to Home brings you lovely things for the kitchen and dining room. Our website is here.

Did somebody say aprons? Heart to Home has something for everyone!

Did somebody say aprons? Heart to Home has something for everyone!

aprons, apron, gift, kitchen
I think it was when we were putting together our exhibitor stand for the Good Food Show (Live) this year that I realised just how many aprons we stock! (We even had to give them their own “stand within a stand”!) It wasn’t a conscious decision to stock so many different aprons but actually we’re rather proud of our selection. After all, Heart to Home is the place to find lovely things for the home, and the kitchen is the heart of any home.

Next time you need an apron – either for yourself or as a gift – take a look at our selection. When was the last time you considered buying yourself an apron? We say: go for it! It’s good fun to put on a cute, patterned apron and whip up a batch of your family’s favourite baked goods. Here are some of our favourite aprons:

Cupcakes and gingerbread range (aprons available for kids, teenagers, men and women)
cupcakes gingerbread aprons apron mum dad kids teenagers men women girls boys

Floral frilly aprons (for a bit of glamour in the kitchen!)
floral frilly aprons kitchen glamour gifts

The fleecy range, featuring the ever-popular sheep design (with aprons for all ages)
sheep fleece apron gift mum dad kids teenager boys girls men women

Chihuahua stripes (we’ve no idea why it’s called Chihuahua, either, but we still love the apron!)
stripe apron stripey designer gift fun

The Good Life design (channel your inner Barbara… or Tom!)
good life apron kitchen garden

Heart apron in duck egg blue (well, we have to love hearts here at Heart to Home, don’t we!)
apron heart cute duck egg blue kitchen designer quality

Which of our massive range of aprons is your favourite? Don’t forget, there’s free postage on all our aprons (in fact, on all our items) when you order online. And everything you buy from us – online or in our shop – comes beautifully wrapped in pink tissue paper and ribbon. We don’t care if you’re buying it for yourself! You still deserve to receive a lovely package to unwrap!

Do head over to the website (or pop into the shop) to see our full selection of aprons for yourself. And you can always touch with us on Twitter and Facebook – we’d love to see you there!

Heart to Home brings you lovely things for the kitchen and dining room. Our website is here.

Free postage on all Heart to Home web items!

Free postage on all Heart to Home web items!

We’ve been canvassing opinion on Twitter and Facebook and have decided to offer all our lovely supporters a treat: totally free P&P on anything ordered from our web shop! Do tell your friends. Now’s the time to click through to our website and have a look around. We’ve been hard at work putting lots of new items online in recent weeks and there are loads more to come (more than 70 new items at last count!)

You can search by popular items using the drop-down on the home page: choose from aga covers (great as gifts or for your own home), aprons (we have possibly the largest collection of aprons you’ll find!), egg cosies (quirky and cute), napkins (a household staple), oven gloves (top quality and lots to choose from), peg bags (great way to make a chore less boring!), table cloths (a lovely gift or great for brightening up the home), tea cosies (an essential element of a perfect cuppa!) and tea towels (another staple, doesn’t mean they have to be boring!)

We often get asked about our most popular items. These do change depending on the season and on stock, but there are some items which never fail to please. Some current favourites are:

Chickens! Anything with a chicken motif goes down well (we can understand why; after all, we love chickens too!) Have a look at our chicken mugs, jugs and linens here.

And sheep.

Sophie Allport strawberries and cream range. Perhaps it’s the lure of lazy Summer days, or perhaps you just love the sweet design. This crockery range is a winner.

Everybody’s favourite owl. Yes, he’s as popular as ever!

Stay tuned for a whole host of new items coming soon, including bold, vivid prints from Ragged Rose and gorgeous handmade crockery from Susie Watson. Everything you order from the Heart to Home website comes hand-wrapped (by Sandra) in our signature pink and gold tissue paper and ribbon, whether or not it’s a gift for someone else (we know how much we love receiving beautiful stuff in the post and we don’t see why you should miss out!) In the meantime, do explore our website (and tell your friends) – with free P&P on everything, there’s never been a better time!

Heart to Home brings you lovely things for the kitchen and dining room. Our website is here.

Quality kitchen and dining room linens

Heart to Home are a small, dedicated team of people who scour the land to bring you the very best in fine linens for the kitchen and dining room. Our ranges include everything from understated, elegant tablecloths and napkins for fine dining, right through to the most desirable and highly-collectable fun items for the kitchen.

Keep reading for our thoughts on design, interior decor, how to host the perfect dinner party and lots more. For now, we’d like to leave you with our current favourite item in the Heart to Home range: this cute own tea-cosy. How can you resist that face?

Quality kitchen and dining room linens is a post from the Heart to Home blog. The Heart to Home website is here.